Céverine Girard is a French designer based in London.
She has been working in diverse fields of design, from home accessories to retail, furniture and electronic devices, keeping her aware of the bigger picture when focusing on one product.
Céverine believes in designing fine objects with a meaningful impact on the atmosphere. Enhancing, separating, creating illusions, movement and value.

Often drawing inspiration from ancient objects, craftsmanship, and materials, her fascination for East Asia gives cosmopolitan influences to her work.
A strong sense of detail and emotions are her ways to create balanced products with clear functions and elegant lines.

After graduating from an Industrial Design Bachelor in France, she joined the team of Thinkk Studio (Bangkok, TH).
She graduated with a Masters in Product Design at ECAL (Lausanne, CH) and is now working as product designer at Samsung Design Europe in London.





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London, Paris


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CNN Money Switzerland

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Yanko Design
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Design Days (03.2018)
Lausanne, Switzerland

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MVSC03, Aldo Bakker