Flare_01 is the first piece of a series of wall hanging light sculptures that explores and revitalizes the ancestral use of palm leaf basketry by applying it to a modern object.

The dome shaped ribbon embraces the strong yet pliable properties of the material to create a unique form without the use of structural elements. Where every curve and loop has been carefully handcrafted to create a functional yet contemplative piece of art.

The form is the result of the designer's dialogue with the material – its functional and sensual aspect, the ability to create volumes and interact with light.

Flare’s aesthetic expression is entirely defined by how the woven material curves around an illuminated core and gives it a floating appearance, like frozen in time. It is essential for people to be able to look and feel the piece to really comprehend its dimensionality.

L54 x H45 cm

Unique piece available
Price on request

Exhibited at  London Design Festival 2023 / ISOLA X MATERIAL MATTERS

Flare_GIF 01

The color is obtained without dyes. A completely raw finish that emphasizes the subtle shades and texture variety.

The creative process around Flare also involves time, where the durability of the piece and its ability to beautifully age over time is a considered part of the design.

Ceverine Girard_FLARE_06
Ceverine Girard_FLARE_12